Where the wild things are

What started off as a regular stroll down to the mountains today to find a nice spot for outfit pictures to be taken, ended up in full fledged exploring which was totally unplanned as I was wearing my newest dress and tights, not the sorta thing to be trudging around in river and marshland wearing! But as we all know, the best times are the most random and spontaneous ones!

Climbing trees led to discovering a near by dainty stream. Follow it was our instinct.
As all streams go the further we followed it up the wider and stronger it grew. Do you like our make shift bridge from fallen branches?

Crossing the little rickety bridge led to an easier route along the spongy fields where we were invited with loud gushing sounds reminiscent of trucks on a highway, but this was not trucks. This was deep up passed your knees heavy flowing water with beautiful sandy coloured eroded rocks. It was beautiful. And so exciting to find such a lovely secluded place. I have already planned many a picnic and swimming this Summer around today’s findings!

I had to add these pictures in, I just think they show how beautiful the country side really is. I can’t believe we are so lucky to have free access to roam all of this! It kind of reminded me of  the Jurassic Park films! Upon finding the deepest part of the river we kicked off our shoes and put all our electronic possessions in them and began ”bog hopping” along the river. This is a phrase a dear friend used to call jumping from one standing stone to another without getting wet from the river. It’s seriously fun and brings out that wild adventure feeling that I used to get as a child exploring outdoors!
Sylvia Walsh 2011 all rights reserved ©I felt like Iggie Threadgood from Fried Green Tomatoes , wading in water up too my knees and trudging back home through the marshland carrying my shoes on my shoulders.. All I needed was a jar of honey! I was not dressed for the occasion but it felt so right. I can surely say I’ve never ventured up a river through twigs and moss in a dainty little dress before! My tights have certainly seen better days.
I love the last two photos, taken by Alex.

Now, Go explore where you live! And do it free as a bird without a care in your mind.



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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