Summer’s Air

Today was a day for lomography! I filled two films this morning, most are  outside snaps of the chickens and flowers, nothing too exact as you can never know what to expect with lomo films! I hope to get these developed this Saturday, but that’s if my mum remembers to do so for me.

Last night I went out for dinner at Xak’s cottage, we had lots of home grown veggies for dinner and vanilla tea followed by two surprisingly good films, The Birthday Girl and The Last Airbender. I prefered The Birthday Girl but The Last Airbender was also very enjoyable. I had the pleasure of cuddling up on the sofa with Zelanor, Xak’s fluffiest catling. This picture doesn’t really give her fluffy-ness justice but I assure you,
she gives a great cuddle!

Yesterday before I left for Xak’s I made another dress from some elephant printed fabric that was originally a long crochet top dress that didn’t fit me and wasn’t being used. I had my dress made in a little under 4 hours and again I’m really pleased with it! It’s super light and airy, perfect for the humid hot days that June usually has each year.

I did have plans to take pictures of my elephant dress today and although I tried, I really need the help of my brother because timers are awkward. But he let me down (as usual) so now unfortunately I must wait another day it seems. . It’s such a shame because today’s weather has been lovely, perfect for an outfit shot!

Until I get some proper outfit shots, I’ll leave you with this sneak peak..


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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