Rays of light

I’m currently sneaking a few minutes on my brothers laptop to post this quick update, apoligising for my absence once again. I promise to get back into regular blogging soon! I haven’t been neglecting the blogging world on purpose honestly.. If you’re following me on my Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been spending these last few sunny Summery days with Shane at the homestead and returning to work in the Irish College in our village. Yep, Summers officially here in Ballingeary and the collegians are stalking the streets acting like they own the place. Hmpf!

Sadly, I don’t have any other pictures on this computer apart from this one from the last few days, Myself Shane and Alex went ‘bog hopping’ bare foot again down the river over the weekend just for funsies. It was a rather beautiful afternoon altogether, the sun was shining and although we left it a little late and it was slightly chilly, it was enough to satisfy our exploration levels for one day :)

A proper blog post filled with pictures and ramblings is coming soon, I promise!



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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