The daily essentials

After seeing Elizabeth’s post on morning rituals it got me thinking, routine is key to having a good day. Like when you sleep in past your alarm and have to rush, having no time to grab your morning coffee or read the paper with your buttery toast. Those sort of things suck when you miss the regularity of your daily routines. I did post a while back about routine, but it was more of a schedule for what goes down every morning..

If I don’t have my morning zest of fruity goodness or my cup of rather addictive vanilla elephant tea I do feel out of place for the day. I’m a very picky eater so when i’m staying away at Shane’s or sleeping over a friends house breakfast is always difficult and can put me of balance, because of the routine’s I am used too. Like Elizabeth, I don’t really have a ‘9 to 5’ working job. More like a temporary once-a-year Summer job working mornings till lunch time. So it’s nice to have that daily anchor to kickstart the day, giving it that little bit of much needed structure.

I’m all for routines and I really believe in the power of smoothies too. Not to sound away with the fairies but you are what you eat, and smoothies are n0t only delicious but a great way to have a healthy + easy breakfast. I’ve also gone one step backwards with my smoothies and instead of blitzing them once I’ve cut all my fruit up, I pack them all into a bowl filled a quarter with corn flakes and a handful of flax seed and nuts and top it off with a dash of yoghurt. Yum!

Some other daily routines I often find myself doing are;

Reading what my favourite bloggers have too say every morning.
Constantly on the prowl for inspiration.
Taking pictures daily, of everything.

Listening to  music really loud on my walk down to work. Lately it’s been the Foo Fighter’s ‘Wasting Light’ album and Dave Mathews Band.
Taking notes and pictures of things to make, keeping lists of things to do.
Crossing off the lists. (love doing that!)
Checking Twitter. Totally addicted!
Walks. I love the slow kinds, the long lazy kinds and the fast paced kinds of walks!
Reading and plaiting my hair before falling asleep.

My little brother is sitting his final exams today. It’s crazy how time flies.. It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was sitting them! Cross your fingers for him!


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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