Ghost Eire, Spike Island, Shells and Jellyfish!

Last Wednesday just passed, June 8th myself and the team trundeled off to investigate the supposedly haunted Spike Island off the shores of Cobh for the night. It was especially exciting as I had never been on an investigation for the entire night and it was the first time any paranormal team had camped on the island as well, so we are very lucky. We took full advantage of our time spent there and chucked sleeping out the window! The weather seemed against us all day, raining every ten minutes or so but as soon as we stepped onto the island the weather cleared for the night, not a single drop of rain hit until we got back to cobh the next day! It was a clear night too which helped as we wanted to go by natural light as much as possible during the night.

We landed on the island for around half 8 and made our way towards the prison to set up camp and peg up. I had my little cloud tent underneath the cutest tree! I even had small hanging candles in the branches for extra cute camping effect. After we were finished setting up camp we all went our separate ways with different bits of equipment to use, I of course made a beeline to the derelict houses with a couple of cameras!

The island has really creepy vibes going on. I mean really creepy. It was creepier during the day than at night too. I think I’ve just seen too many of those types of films, where there’s so much evidence of civilisation once being there but noone is to be found.. but Spike is most certainly like that! Theres old cottages and victorian style houses all over the island all derelict and abandoned. The way the buildings are run down you’d think the island had been empty for about 70 years but aparently it’s only been this way since 2004. The trees and surrounding shubbery have entertwined themselves into the door ways and found ways through all the nooks and crannies. Nearly all the windows were broken and easy to crawl through.

Inside the homes were just lovely! The paint on the walls were peeled, floors were rotten and had fallen through in some parts and stairways had fallen through but had still maintained that air of homeyness in the strangest of ways. Dark green Ivy had consumed an entire front face of the mansion that we spent the night inside of and bits of cracked paint from the roof above us were lightly falling as we sat inside table tilting. We visited the mass grave which turned out to feel peaceful, a feeling I was surprised in as the sight of the mass grave couldn’t have been creepier! From a far all you could see was a large white crucifix standing inside this blocked off area for the dead, the stone cross had had it’s plaque removed and some run down tomb stones were slanted against the walls. The rest of this squared off area was empty and over grown. I felt so much at peace that I had a sneaky kip against the grave walls whilst the others went scrying and playing on the talking board!

Myself and Eric explored the old Milatary bunker off the west of the island after the houses, it was an old weapons and explosives testing facility and it was massive in size! Inside the bunker was a hole in the ground about 12ft wide which was used for explosive testing, I got down into it to see how deep it was to see it was up to my waist in height!
(1st photo: taken inside the bunker, 2nd: explosive testing area, 3rd: Strange stairway leading to look out point, 4th: Rifle stand)

I don’t have many night shots as these where taken on my Iphone and I don’t have pictures taken on the Nikon from the night. Not much happened ghost-wise, we did try but soon figured that it made sense that we couldn’t get any information. I’m not sure if  I’m allowed to say anything from the results as the team’s site hasn’t been updated about Spike since we got back so I won’t say anything yet!

1. My Nikon for the night. SO heavy! 2. The foody essentials needed when camping! 3. (a not very healthy) Dinner.

We ended up finished all ghosty investigating at about half four in the morning, just in time to watch the sunrise! So myself, Xak, Anto and Jen sleepilly trotted down towards the pier with chairs and some beers to sit and watch the suns rays silently creep above Cobh at around the half five mark. To say it was magical is an understatement.

A little while after we had chilled out in the sun I decided to walk the beach just to stay awake! (at this stage I was hanging for some Zzz’s..) and ended up collecting a load of different shells, stones and crab claws and even a few intact baby crabs! I’m rather pleased with my findings and even have some beach inspired jewellery ideas to get cracking on..

I shared a lot of these shells, some of the mermaid looking shells were given to Tig, giving him most of the metallic looking ones too. I gave alex the crab claws and the three miniature crabs and lastly I gave mum a tiiiiny mother of pearl, along with a small orange round shell and a flat orange shell. I put them in her bedroom so I guess she still hasn’t seen them!

My favourite part of the morning had to be….

When I was finished collecting the shells and just before we loaded the boat up to return to Cobh, I ventured off beneath the pier we were standing on and saw two live jellyfizzles washed up on shore! The first looked like a pool of frogspawn but I knew it wasn’t because it was so clear.. the second had really beautiful purple rings on it and wasn’t far off from the other one. I love jelly fish, there’s just something ethereal about them. I was so excited to see one in real life and up so close to it! I very nearly touched it to put it back into the water but I decided against it and hoped instead that it would find it’s way back to water when the tide came in. Okay, enough ramblings I’ll show you the pictures!

Shoe for comparing size difference, wasn’t going to step on it!
That’s it for me for the night, it took me far too long to type this and if you’ve read this far, well done you!

Goodnight lovely readers ♥


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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