And it’s one life and it’s this life and it’s beautiful..

Over the weekend Myself and Shane took a little trip exploring up the sides of the mountain behind my house. We aimed to reach the tip top and although we very nearly almost did, there was a massive rock face that was unclimbable for us. Well I tried but Shane was freaked I would fall or something so we settled for the second highest peak of the particular side of the mountain to take glorious victory shots of our conquered climb!

Lots of big twisty trees and huge carved out like boulders to climb! I was on a particular hunt for deer antlers..

This mountain just reminds me of Jurassic Park the way it’s so untouched by humans and over growing with copious amounts of Ferns. It’s awesome! We also searched for a lovely little spot to possibly one day camp at and found many promising places..

The left picture is the almost top of the mountain! I love the second picture, it looks like two flamingo’s standing in the centre of the picture! Unfortunately they’re are only fox gloves. Still pretty all the same!


One thought on “And it’s one life and it’s this life and it’s beautiful..

  1. Jimmy says:

    I’m certainly happy to have found you. This is that life blog that people need to know about, it’s beautifully written and easilly a favourite of mine. It is a credit too you and your writing. We appreciate you for posting these skilled blog posts!

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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