Felis Catus

Last month Lunebug had kittens! And the other day she let us finally meet the fluffy trio. And let me tell you, they are SO cute!

We’ve only named one so far,  That’s the first kitty in the above image. She’s called Persia, because she’s so similar to our old persian cats we used to have. The second is sooo fluffy! I’ve never had such a fluffy kitty. I’m hoping to keep this one.

The third of these fluffy little kitties is this silky soft black furry one. Again, no name.I’m slowly falling in love with this little one just because of the fact that she’s the calmest of the three, so laid back and chill. I haven’t heard her squeak at all any time I’ve picked her up! She’s going to be Maria’s new little kitty, once her mum agrees.Which won’t be too difficult. :)

Aren’t they just so adorable!? Cats are awesome.



2 thoughts on “Felis Catus

  1. moshface says:

    theyre all soooo cute:’) never seen such cute and fluffy kitties !! and that black one-my god my heart actually melted its just so adorable,i could see that my momma loved it too ! Xx

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