Some things

Another thing that kept me too busy to blog last week was that I had been asked to paint two rather large bumble bee’s. I guess you could say I was commissioned to paint these as I was paid for it, so it was rather cool! I got  a little taste of what it could be like to be a self employed artist.

Anyway, I had the weekend to create and paint these massive bee’s which I managed to get done way before the date it was due. It was surprisingly nerve wracking, i was freaked that the ‘client’ as you could call it wouldn’t like them! But thankfully they were more than pleased!

Uhh please excuse the messy bedroom floor. There was no other way to take these pictures they were just so big I couldn’t place them anywhere else! And whilst we are on the subject of insects I stumbled, literally stumbled upon this strange orangey pinkish moth whilst walking to work the other morning. I thought he was a leaf at first.

Naturally i’m freaked by moths but this one wasn’t fluffy or dusty like the rest seem to be. He was truly exotic looking. I carried on to work anyway, I wasn’t sticking around to see him fly off that’s for sure!

I was a little bit spoilt last weekend. But that’s what happens when you have an amazingly awesome boyfriend yes?  :) I was ill a few days prior to Shane coming down to stay, so Shane surprised me with lots of lush goodies and yummy treats to make me feel better. And boy it worked!

I loved the little lush pots, they’re so dinky! And the strawberry flavoured chocolate was diiivine.  So much so that it was gone in a few days! He also gave me a giant bottle of fcuk perfume which I forgot to include in this picture. It’s called ‘Pure’ and it’s my favourite smell ever!



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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