Crafternoon: Plush Bambi

Yesterday I got into my snuggliest bed socks and settled down for a day of elephant tea, crafting and Season 1 & 2 of Ghost Whisperer. It’s been soo long since I last watched that show that I’ve forgotten nearly everything that happened in season one and I’m not even sure if I’ve seen every episode of season two so it was a good decision all round.

I had been asked to make another eye mask for Shane’s mum’s friend so this set off my creativity.. After I was done making the eye mask (tutorial here!) I returned to a project I began a few weeks before which to be honest I had lost interest in. Have you ever seen Katie’s creations over at Skunkboy Creatures? They’re ADORABLE! I fell well and truly in love with the little deer’s she made and wanted to try making my own version.

Armed only with a simple drawing of what her’s looked like (no pattern) I began creating my own little Bambi.. and 8 episodes of Ghost Whisperer later I ran out of the felt I needed to finish my little Bambi’s legs! So he’s currently legless (ha! excuse the pun!) but today I am venturing out to Cork City for a little shopping and I will most certainly be stocking up on the essentials to finish my deer Bambi. He he is so far.. I would say I gush at his cuteness but that’s being a tad biased don’t you think?

What do you think? Cute? He’s not actually orange, it’s just my iphone being too bright! I love the little head band :) I’m going to give him to my baby sister for a Christmas pressie I think. I have more in mind to make, A frog, an Elephant, a Giraffe and an Owl are all definitely on the cards.. They’re so fun to make! ♥ XOXO


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