DIY Mango Froyo

This week I tried my hand at making some real frozen yoghurt! Usually I literally just grab a yoghurt and pop its contents into a bag and freeze it, but I had a ripe mango that I could not of possibly eaten in a day and I know I love mango froyo so I got out the recipe book and got cracking! This recipe is SO easy and definitely worth trying out for yourself..

You will need:
One whole ripe Mango
7 Tbsp of Sugar
A quarter cup of water
A dash of cinnamon (not essential but gives it a nice taste)
Natural Yoghurt (about 4 cups measures)

1. Cut up your mango into small ish chunks and make sure to use as much of the mango as possible. Put your Mango chunks, sugar, water and cinnamon into a saucepan and cook over a medium heat for about 10 minutes. Or until it reduces into a bubbling thick syrup. The sugar sweetens the taste of the mango but the freeze process dulls the taste down, so the amount of sugar is needed i’m afraid.

2. Using a hand blender carefully mush up the Mango syrup into a smooth texture and set it aside to cool.

3. Mix the yoghurt into the mango syrup and give it a good swirl with a spoon. Pour your new mango yoghurt into a plastic container (I used an old ice cream box) and freeze for about an hour or however long you prefer.

And that’s it! Simples right? I adore this frozen yoghurt.. It makes a healthier alternative to ice cream on a hot sunny day too! You can use different fruits as well if you like or make a mix up. I might try bananas and strawberries next once I’m done with my mango froyo. It’s amazing with banana slices, almonds and natural froyo :)


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