Pink Lemonade

Greetings from Cobh! I’m staying here with Shane for this week and next weekend. We have an awesome week ahead of us I’m so excited! It’s been more like Summer these last few days which is soo needed for Ireland, I’ve missed wearing shorts with flip flops and bare legs with flowers in my hair instead of thick tights, cardies and converse. Yesterday the weather was perfect outside, so myself and Shane went for a rather long bike ride around Cobh and all the outskirts, we ended up in some really pretty places and sweet little country lanes to whizz down really fast. :) We stopped to have Twister ice pops and a seat at the ”waiting room”, a bench besides a big graveyard. I thought it was funny.

It even smells like Summer these days.. Last Friday I had a little shopping day with Elaine and actually didn’t splurge too much which is something I find hard doing. Shane bought me a daith piercing too, something I’ve been wanting to get for ooges! It looks awesome :) This weekend we’re going up to the Oxegen Festival, something I haven’t done in about 6 years. I can’t wait to see the Foo’s again, Shane hasn’t seen them before so it’s going to be one hell of a weekend. So exciting! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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