Birthday Catchup

I’m literally about two weeks behind on getting my blog posts up to date. Apologies >_< It’s because my laptop is totes on the blink and recently I’ve been really busy doing new things and getting back into that creative mood I lost a while ago. Last week (the 22nd to be precise) was my dearly loved mum’s birthday! The night before I was up into the wee hours making a birthday carrot cake for her. This time though we decided to try out the super giant cupcake moulds that mum bought last year and which we hadn’t ever used before. So what a better time to try right?! It turned out awesome, over the years I have grown a love for carrot cake. I suppose it rubs off on you when your mum’s addicted to the stuff and it’s all-we-eat when we go to Nosh and Coffee in the city on our shopping day outs!

This giant cupcake took about an hour to bake, triple the time usually for regular sized cupcakes! And oh-my-god it was so heavy, It would give your arms a workout! Just to show you the size difference I took this picture against my new favourite tea cup.

Mahooosive isn’t it!  I also decorated it with white buttons and filled the centre with a delicious carrot frosting. The cake itself didn’t last long which infuriated Tiggy, my little brother as he was unable to have a big enough slice for himself! Still, he tried it and enjoyed it. I think the cake lasted less than a day from the first cut.

Mum collected this beautiful bunch of wild flowers on a walk down to her ‘secret spot’ where she likes to sit & ponder. Sorry for the blurred image but I only got this one shot!  It smells wonderful though, and since then we have been regularly filling every vase, pot and an empty jam jars with picked flowers from our daily walks. Our house smells good enough to eat!
Then Xak came round that afternoon with some rather peculiar but also very awesome birthday pressies to sit inside mum’s future bar. Old fashioned lighters! They are so fiftys (I think) and they will sit nicely in our little shelves filled with random odd collectibles. I really liked the one with the white edge to it. It reminds me of something from the film Grease. Funky eh? XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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