Hello again lovely blogger world, I’ve been away unintentionally because of two things. a) my addiction to the Dexter series. OH MY! I can’t function without at least two episodes of it a day. It’s gone past the point of ridiculous, so when b) my computer charger lead snapped on me and I couldn’t charge my computer I couldn’t do anything at all except mope about unable to blog or (and I admit I was more upset about it) not be able to catch up on Dexter. I found a way though, hurray for my iphone! Anyway, I have a replacement lead and I have a new lead on the way via the amazing eBay.

Earlier this week myself and little Tig ventured off into the woods on a ‘scavenger hunt’ as he liked to call it. The stuff we found was typical of farmland and woodland but it had that magical feeling, of hunting down things we didn’t know if we would find. Teige was so excited stumbling upon acorns and feathers too which made it all the more adventurous!
The flat roundish rock is because Tiggy has a bit of an obsession with painting rocks to looks like animals, which I think is just the cutest! He wanted to collect the wool to spin it into knit-able wool (again, how cute is that?!) but in the end we could only throw it away because it could have been infested with creatures or some sorts! He spotted the skull but let me have it as it grossed him out and he wanted to spray paint the miniature fir cones purple and I liked the look of the feathers so they got collected up as well!

When we came back from our little hunt we got cracking on our ideas, Tig got started straight away with spray painting – even layering down newspaper so he didn’t kill any ants or get the stones ruined and I decided to try a tribal vibe with the skull. Tigs painted cones and flat rock came out as we expected, shiny purple and vibrant looking! The skull most definitely looks brighter and not so creepy. It’s currently hanging outside on the wall of our bar.  However long it stays there now is another thing because it gives mum the creeps! XO


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