Banana, Peanut butter & Chocolate Icecream

I’ve been going a little crazy for making my own frozen yoghurts lately, I’ve filled my notebooks with lots of little recipes and ideas to try out- this one being yummy vegan icecream! Its really simple and you only need five ingrediants, a blender and a freezer to make it. It’s soo yummy you’d be mad not to try it for yourself!

What you need:

2 ripe average sized bananas
4 tablespoons of *vegan* peanut butter
4 tablesoons cocoa powder
5 tablespoons sugar
6 tablespoons Soy milk

Put all ingrediants into a blender and whiz on full till its a smoothie like texture. Pour into a freezer safe container and let it freeze for about 8 hours, stirring every hour for the first 2 hours. Done! It also makes a yummy but quite sweet smoothie if you can’t wait for it too freeze into icecream :) Enjoy! XO


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