Full to the brim

That was today for myself and Maria! She came over to ours for a day of general craftyness in the art shed and some sewing machine lessons. We ended up nattering for hours as usual over tea and coffee’s trying to get our heads around her new snazzy sewing machine, which is soo advanced compared to mine I even had a hard time trying to get it all threaded and ready to play with! We managed it after many frustrating attempts which ended up being stupidly easy and got some practice swatches sewn. A few hours later,we had changed from machine needles to piercing needles! I gave her a new cartilage piercing and two upper lobe piercings which she seemed pleased about. We very nearly did her tongue web but thought we had pushed her mum’s limits far enough already so decided to post-pone it for a while!

Once the sun peeked out from the clouds and it got a little warmer we ventured off to the farm & up to the mountains behind our house where we found some more spots to camp out this weekend, the views up there are pretty awesome too! I didn’t get many pictures from today but I did get these two and some micro shots of a bumblebee on a purple spikey flower. :) I also did some finishing touches to the dainty dress I made last night, which I will be posting up here as soon as the tutorial is written up and ready to publish! XO


2 thoughts on “Full to the brim

  1. moshface says:

    Today was awesome :) we actually got loads done,thank you loads for the piercings and for help with the machine:) the camping spot is well nice,should be a wicked few days-cant wait!!! and ta very much for the manson bag,i LOVE it XDD <3

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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