Project Restyle // DIY: Floral Festival Dress

This tutorial is one of those dresses that look impossible to make but are actually really easy!
Free size Festival Dress

I used abouts three quarters of a standard sized curtain to make this dress, I couldn’t take exact measurements because it was torn!
I used another dress of mine to trace outline and model the pattern with! The stitches I used are a straight stitch and zig zag stitch. Really basic!

Once you have your top half of the dress cut out twice stitch all needed sides together on the inside of the dress to hide the stitching when you turn it right side in! Hem along all edges.

Next, measure the panels needed to create the lower half of your dress. Mine had three. One large at the front and two small at the back. I used my GHD’s to iron the sides to be hemmed flat and pinned them down. Sew a simple straight stitch along each required side.

You should have both top and bottom halves hemmed and looking something like this. Gather your lower half to get an idea of what your dress will look like once everything is finished.

To sew the gathered stitch I took my time slowly sewing and removing the pins as I went along. I zigzaged along the pleats to add strength to the dress, a normal stitch would easy snap! After this I pinned the top half of the dress (upside down with the inside facing out) to the edges of the pleated lower half. Hem along the top in a straight line. (it will be noticeable if its not straight)

Once you’ve hemmed along the middle flip the top half of your dress up and your finished! I made side straps to  bring in the dress because it’s a free size, it’s meant to be baggy but for those who prefer a more fitted look, the straps come in useful. The two straps were made using once inch thick, 3/4’s of a metre strips of fabric folded at the edges to hide the rough frays, then folded again and sewn along using a basic stitch! Then I stitched them to each side of the dress. That’s it! ♥

Here’s my new dress against my original festival dress. I’ve since added buttons to the middle of the top half for cute details but haven’t had a chance to rephotograph it. I’ll show all in an outfit post when the weather next lets me! XOXO


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