Happy Campers // part one.

Oh Summer what are you like. One day it’s gloriously Sunny and then it’s like today, drizzly and dull. When will you ever realise us Irish folk like a bit of SUN during Summer? Luckily, last Sunday the rain cleared off the the night and we were able to continue on with our camping plans! I was really hoping it would be Sunny but we were happy with that dull almost-humid type of after storm. Strange Summer weather! We choose to have our barbecue out in mother dearest’s fruit garden, for easy access to the kitchen in case we forgot anything food wise.
Mum’s fruit garden has full covered shelter so we wouldn’t get wet in case it decided to rain down again and it was really warm in there so everyone was happy. It was my first barbecue of this Summer and also my first Vegetarian barbecue! We had veggie garden burgers, grilled kebab veggies with veggie sausage pieces and I had a go at making garliccy grilled baby potatoes as well, they smelt amazing but didn’t get eaten up! The smells coming from the garden were divine!

After all the yummy food and drinks were consumed (tropical fruit juice & vodka for me!) we cleaned up and headed off towards the mountains before it got any darker. Alex my brother had already gone up before us to set up the tent and have everything ready, good thing too because none of us really fancied putting that up.. total mission in itself really! The night sky was a really moody blue with purple hues, and by the time we had everyone up the enormous mountain we were ready to start the nights antics!

I won’t bore you with all the details, but we had a really funny night, full of good music, laughs and lots of sillyness and the occasional deep meaningful conversation.. I forgot my sleeper so I rugged up into a furry blanket with Luna until she decided to pop outside. We tried taking lots of group photos but the majority were just ridiculous! We all had an interesting nights sleep thanks to Lune deciding she wanted in during the early morning hours by jumping on top of the tent and scratching around the sides. Silly kitty. XO

Camping part two coming soooon! Took so many photo’s in those two days these need to be split into separate blog posts. Bear with me! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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