Taking it slow.

I’ve been recharging my batteries since our little camping trip last Tuesday, we haven’t had the best of weather the last two days so I’ve been in my bedroom going through tons of photos for blog posts,to do lists and slowly ticking of craft projects too. No rush, just taking my time with things. I tend to ruin things if I rush them.

One of big accomplishment achieved is that I’ve finally completed the patchwork quilt I started in November last year! It’s taken me nine whole months to get around to it, I didn’t really get properly into it till about February and for two months it sat folded up in the corner of my room looking sad but whats important is that its finally finished! It’s ready to become one of those hand me down family heirloom things that my daughters daughters daughter will one day own and think it’s too tatty to keep but will have too because it has been in the family for generations ha! What am I like with the ramblings eh? It’s sitting pretty on my bed and looks rather lovely if I do say so myself. In all my nerdyness I’m going to write up a little progress story of how the patchwork blanket came about and it’s progress over the months for all too see.

Other than that I’ve been attempting to get more into new veggie cooking recipes! Yesterday I made my very own Veggie cheesy bake, mum usually makes these from spare or left over veggies from Sunday roast and they’re soo yummy but I was using a recipe I picked up in the local supermarket and thought I’d give it a try. Really easy and very filling! The dish in the picture is stuffed quorn mince peppers with melted cheesy bits on top. It’s really good! I love using food as a little dish to hold everything in. :) XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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