The morning after // Happy Campers part two

You know that feeling you get waking up in a tent too bright morning light pouring through and you squint so hard and hide under your sleeper for fear you look really funny in the morning? Well that was exactly how I felt waking up from our night of camping. Only I was prepared for the dripping condensation drizzling down the walls of the tent and things being slightly damp everywhere outside of the sleeper. Only this time it wasn’t, the only problem we had was that dead air feeling and Luna scratching to get into warmth. Yep, Katie had a Tarp over her tent (mine doesn’t) so we weren’t victims of that nasty morning after gross and groggyness!

Another thing that always seems to be the case for whenever I camp is, no matter how late you end up sleeping you always wake early. Is this the case for most people? We watched the sky light up slowly turning dull to bright, grey to blue. We stayed curled up nattering for ages in the tent with the front window opened all the way letting in a much needed cool breeze for our slightly hung over heads. Lovely start to the morning!

After a few hours of rambling, eating Katie’s home made cookies and drinking orange juice for breakfast we decided it would be a good thing to pack up and head towards home where both the kettle and fresh clothes awaited us. I nabbed the picture below whilst they got started on cleaning up!

On the walk back home I found some rather awesome little knobbly sticks and a really old & rather large rusted horse shoe. I collected up both ofcourse :) I’m hoping to turn the sticks into funky little pens with the help of alex, and the horse shoe is now a little more rust free after I bashed as much of the clumps of rust as I could. It revealed lots of little meant to be there holes which makes it look all the more lovely.


One thought on “The morning after // Happy Campers part two

  1. Tania says:

    Hello there, Greetings from California! :) You’ve done an incredible job on your blog and have beautiful eye for detail. I will certainly digg it and in my opinion I recommend to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this blog of yours.

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