River scurraging // Happy Campers part three

AAfter our little camping shindig and recovering from all that it entailed we decided to get out in that all-too-rare sunshine we’ve been kind of experiencing this Summer. So we popped on our old shoes and headed down towards the farm to do a bit of bog hopping down the river. This was my third time going down with my camera and I still haven’t had any accidents with it.. A few near misses but never fully submerged in the river as of yet! (touch wood!) I should really invest in an in-house casing..

the water got a little bit too deep for all of us, but especially for Maria who’s only about 4ft ha!
..Maria was also the one who took the most tumbles! :)

Good thing I was the only one with electrical equipment on me because everybody ended up falling into the river! We came across a particularly deep lagoon type of area with a fast flowing current towards the end of the river before it returned to a regular knee high tide, and decided to go swimming! *Excuse the super cranky faces on all of us but I really like this picture!*
 It was pretty cold but the sun beaming down made it seem warmer. The next few pictures are taken by Alex..

Basically where we were swimming there was a lot of boulder type of rocks balanced above the water that looked like a little cave when you swam through it, I took a picture of it on my last adventure down this river but never actually thought I would be able to swim through it. Well I did this time, dodging all the river spiders and webs that were covering the entrance! The boulders form an opening above it where Alex stood to take these pictures. It feels like your swimming through an underwater cave or something. It was awesome to say the least! :) XO


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