Sweet catchup

Hello! I’ve been down at Shane’s since last Friday, so most of the posts written since then were hastily pre-written on the Thursday night before I left. It’s something I tend to do a lot because I know I don’t get much of a chance to be really crafty when I’m over his, so I pre write all the crafty posts before hand so I can post them during the week I’m away! When I’m down here I do get a chance to restock up on things I need which is always great, any excuse for a shopping mini spree!
Some things I’ve needed recently have been impossible to find, such as mustard yellow felt which is something I’ve been searching high and low for, for about 3 weeks or so since I started my felted fawn animal for Ellie! I also want to have a snoop around for some basic tops so I can get started on crafty project number 11, printing images onto my own t-shirts. I’ve got some rather cute ideas to draw up for my future tee’s!

Last weekend just gone by was the Regatta in Cobh, so the place was jammers with tourists! It’s also been really sunny which is good, I was starting to think Autumn had come early! Down in the town there was lots of funky little stalls to buy all sorts of things, theme park style attractions and rides too! Most kids walking past us had those really big multi coloured carnival type of lolly pops or clouds of candyfloss on sticks with them. It really did feel like a seaside holiday town! One stall we stopped at had some amazing 1940’s small black leather cameras for sale, it’s amazing how our camera equipment has come along over the years, these were so delicate looking and really quirky.

One the last night of the Regatta there was a firework display which was awesome. I havn’t seen a proper firework display since 2008 in England! Typically my camera decided it had low battery but I managed to get some pretty shots of the fireworks over the water before it completely died on me. I also gave into my inner ‘tom-boy’ and bought Tomb Raider Underworld for myself.. I’ve been playing it whilst Shane’s at work and I’m completely hooked! It’s been years since I was really into those games..Makes me feel 15 again ha! XO


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