Lazy Monday blues

Hello again! I’ve been back from Shane’s since Saturday and I’m only just blogging now..I know, shame on me and all that but I’ve been really busy the last two days finishing off little (+big!) projects to show you all! We also had a power cut this morning hence the lateness of todays blog post, but all’s fixed now! Today is one of those can’t-be-arsed-because-it’s-really-humid-and-don’t-want-to-wear-anything-except-my-comfy-cardie&shorts kind of days for me.. So I’ve spent the morning having my breakfast outside, feeling blah and wanting to get away again. And spilling hot coffee all over myself and my iPhone. Miraclessly my phone is fine though!

On the upside to my rubbish mood I’ve got stuck in to some new awesome books I bought last week at the book store, we initially went there to find Shane some more comics but as my mind wandered towards the crime section (as it always does) I remembered that our favourite show Dexter was a book before it hit the tellybox.. So I asked and the shop assistant found them for me and here we are! I’m getting the other two this Friday. After we bought our books & comics we trotted towards the train station and sat reading them all the way home to Shane’s, like right Geeks :) I’m off to put together some more posts about all the crafty shenanigans I’ve been getting up too! XO ♥


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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