Baby frogs

Yesterday afternoon Maria, Katie and I spent some much needed quality time together, catching up onwhat we’ve all been getting up too since our camping trip at the beginning of this month (hasn’t time flown?) and having the usual girly natters and gossiping over many a cup of tea. You know, only the usual :)

We took a little walk down the windy old roads and ended up in a rather over grown feild where we sat and rambled for absolutely ages about everything and anything, laughing and sharing many a secret! During our ramblings we had the pleasure of meeting this darling baby frog, to which we named Norbert. I swear my heart grew three sizes larger..
She was the smallest little froggie I’ve ever seen or held. We kept her for only a few minutes but her presence made my entire week happier. Those Monday blues have toadilly gone heehee :)

There’s something so cute about baby animals. Especially froglings! I wanted to find a whole bunch of them and take them home :) Have a happy Wednesday, I’m in Dublin till Friday on a bit of a spontaneous & unplanned road trip.. XO ♥


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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