Drawing with needles // DIY Sewing machine & Embroidery projects

When I got home from Shane’s last Saturday I dove right into getting crafty. Over the week I was away I had carefully scribbled down any ideas that popped into my head and was saving them for when I got home. One particular idea really was just something that I didn’t think I could actually go through with as it was just taking a risk and seeing would it work or not. All I knew is that I wanted to draw using my sewing machine.. Here’s what I made.

This was my first idea, a mexican day of the dead skull with flowers for eyes. It’s quite big so I’m not quite sure what to do with it now, maybe i’ll just frame it till I find a better use for it! After I was done making the skull I was so thrilled with how well it turned out (its supposed to be rough & etchy sketchy looking!) that I started straight away making a sweet sleeping kitten. After I was finished this I realised the fabric I had sewn onto was large enough to make into a pillow case… So I did just that!

Later, after I was done these projects and showed mum she told me that I had basically been embroidering onto fabric but using regular cotton instead of the embroidery thread. I love how it went from a rough idea that I wasn’t even sure would it work to a finished piece sitting on my bed in the space of a few good hours. I want to make more of these! It’s opened up so many more crafty ideas for me, and with Christmas creeping up on us (a little over four months-eep!) I better get started on them! XO ♥


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