Can I just start by apologising for the total lack of blog posts on my behalf.. I feel so behind on keeping up to date with my blog posts due to the last week being one hell of an unexpected busy week! On Wednesday Maria & I went up to Dublin for a few days, the plan was to go see a band that were playing in The Academy on the Thursday night but due to my ticket being sold I couldn’t actually go, this didn’t really bother me as all I really wanted was to go thrift shopping and visit Starbucks for my favourite drink in the entire world. (we did both!) Also, we explored the biggest Lush store I’ve ever been in and received many a freebie as well as some seriously good bath bombs and dreamy shower soap. My addiction to that shop is a little over the top! In the end I decided to travel back down to Cork the following afternoon after spending a very strange night in very strange situations.. I needn’t say more! So I got the bus back down and spent the night with Shane which I toadally preferred :)

We went to the cinema and saw The Inbetweeners Movie (sooo funny!) and then spent the night out with some friends over many a beer.. Or a glass of wine in my case! Getting the bus home hungover isn’t pleasant. Thankfully I slept most of the way on the bus and then endured a rather steep walk up home! So I’ve been home since Friday re-cooperating and catching up on much needed sleep. I’ve just been too exhausted to bring myself to blog and found it easier to just chill out, make stuff and listen to copious amounts of music! Tomorrow I’m heading off again f0r the week but I promise to keep up with le bloggie! Goodnight all.. I’m still so tired I don’t think I’ve slept enough at all. XO


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