Yarn balling

I had a little phase of making recycled tshirt yarn a while ago and I never really got around to actually using it for anything. I just enjoyed cutting up the tshirts, recycling the fabric into strips,dying them different colours and eventually twisting them into little yarn balls. Up until last weekend these little yarn balls sat snuggly inside my wool bag awaiting a use, until I got started making my crochet tshirt rug and it got so addictive that I ended up needing to make more balls of yarn to continue the process! It’s starting to take a nice shape now..

Its just over the size of a large dinner plate and so far consists of three tshirts worth of yarn! I’m using a 10.00mm plastic crochet hook just in case anybody wants too know for themselves. I now have two rug projects on the go at the moment along with so many other projects that I had hoped to be finished by the Summer (but that was just wishful thinking!) I’ve brought the rug along with me to Shane’s to continue on it whenever I get the chance this week, but for the next few hours I’m going to be catching up on season four of Dexter because I’m four episodes behind Shane and the grief i’m getting for not watching them is crazy! XO


7 thoughts on “Yarn balling

  1. Theresa Ganus Smith says:

    I’ve been wondering if t-shirts would work for a project like this…thought they would be to “stretchy” or something. I love re-vamping t-shirts/clothes into other things…it’s a passion of mine! Curious though…are you sewing these strips together?

    • Sylvie says:

      The stretchyness of the tshirt yarn helps more than regular wool, it keeps it from getting too tight when crocheting! No i’m not sewing the strips together i’m using really simple crochet knots! Firstly I cut up the tshirt into one huge long strip then spin them into yarn balls for ease of use, it makes it less messy :) Then using a crochet hook I just start carefully weaving the tshirt yarn into the previous colour on my rug :)

  2. Silvia says:

    This is such a brilliant project! Your rug looks beautiful (and I so love how you matched the colors!), even more if you think it’s coming out of old t-shirts!

    • Sylvie says:

      Thankyou so much :) I didn’t intend to match the colours it just sorta happened heehee! It’s farrr too addictive I’m already hasselling my boyfriend for old tshirts to use in my rug ha!

      • Silvia says:

        Ahaha, i foresee the risk for your boyfriend to run out of t-shirts, but still, you’ll have plenty of beautiful rugs! I mean, there are priorities.

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