Hello September

Something that crept into my head this morning when I realised just exactly what day it was.. ”pinch punch first of the month”. It’s silly but my friend always used to say that to me in school years ago and its comforting to hear it on the odd occasion. Is it just me or has this year slipped past us ever so quickly? Why is it as we get older our years seem to go by even more quicker? I was talking to mum about this sort of thing before, how when we were younger things seemed bigger, like curly wurley chocolate bars or more recently in a conversation with Shane, how twister ice creams were waaay bigger when we were little. Needless to say i’m not happy about the year flying past one bit, although on the upside… AUTUMN is coming! My forever and always favourite season. I can’t wait for the days when a thick coat and scarves are an absolute must. I love Autumn, the colours and closeness for warmth, hot drinks with added spice and needing those extra layers.. I just wish it lasted longer! Oh and something else that has made my ticker rush a little bit more than usual, I saw halloween costumes and supplies being sold in the shops already. Eeee!

I plan to write up a few September Goals soon like my lovely friendling Katie has done.. Once I’ve them thought of I’ll be sure to post them as soon as… Happy 1st of September! XO



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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