This time last year.

September was such a busy month for me last year!  So many things happened.. Lots of good things and the occasional downer, but hey that’s life! Here’s some of my favourite times last September with links to the original posts.

Tiggys 7th birthday
His seventh birthday was one to remember. We all had such a lovely day, Can’t wait for his 8th now this Sunday coming!

I dyed my hair BLUE!
It wasn’t the first time but it was my favourite time out of the two, I was blue for about a month or so, I wish I could have stayed blue longer!

I joined Tumblr.
Yep, my little ole’ tumbie is a year old this September. Crazy how time flies. What started as a joke is now a fully fledged addiction. Like my wordpress!

I learnt to crochet.
Can’t believe it’s only been a year since I first took that hook and made lots of little knots with it. Crochet has become one of my favourite things to do, and it’s really great for passing the time! I started making lots of crochet flowers and granny squares with yummy Autumn-y colours too!

I got Luna our cat!
She was a rescued kitty and ever so small when we first had her. Can’t believe we’ve had her a whole year… She’s had quite an eventful year so far, skipped death from the dogs next door and even had a few kittens of her own!

Green Fingers
Even if it was only for a day or so, I got stuck into gardening and loved it! I re-homed many a snail :)

Prized possessions
I picked out my favourite films, books and even splurged an entire post dedicated to my favourite graphic novel.

Time really does fly! XO ♥


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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