Crisp & Brittle

Autumn is fast approaching! It seems our Summer has up’t and left in the blink of an eye because we’ve got some serious wind outside and lots of rain so far this week! I’m not entirely sure if I’m a hundred percent ready for the dark days and blustery winds and rain, well I can handle it all except the rain! But it’s all happening too fast, I must dig out my jumpers cause it’s that time of year again! Eeeep! You have no idea how much I love Autumn.. Have you seen Elsie’s blog lately? It’s so beautiful with such warm Autumn-y tones! Gets me riiiight in the mood for Fall ♥

Today I’m going to be planning a rather large list of several different types of cupcakes that Teige has ordered me to bake for his birthday party this Sunday. I think there’s about 30 cakes to make, not including an actual birthday cake, plus cookies and other homemade nibbles… I’m going to be totally sick of cake by the end of this week. On the upside though, I’ve found some amazinggg new recipes to make, including a delicious Mocha cupcake! ♥ XO



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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