DIY Paper printed bunting // Birthday week

Today is my little brother Tiggy’s 8th birthday! To celebrate he’s having a birthday party on Sunday so we’ve all been running around like headless chickens preparing and organising, wrapping presents and making decorations in my case! He’s growing up so fast.. I wish he could stay little forever! Here I’m going to show you the quickest and easiest way how to make bunting from coloured card-stock!
 First of all, you’ll need to measure out your card-stock. I only had three pages of card left (I must restock my supplies!) so I used green,blue and orange. Once you have your card ready fold the pages downwards so you’ll have double bunting. Cut carefully so you can save the spare pieces and tape them together to make more bunting triangles. You should have something like this;

Next is where I got to make good use of my Foam stamps I made the day before! It’s always handy to have stamps lying around, especially for simple craft projects like this or scrap booking!

Next I used some white wool string to attach my card triangles too and taped the inside to the wool to keep in place. Fold the triangles down and tape shut with double backed tape or fold your tape into a loop it works just the same! Aaand hey presto, really easy paper bunting done in less than twenty minutes. I hope Tiggy likes it! ♥ XO




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