Birthdaying with the Teige-monster

Hello! I’ve been seriously run off my feet with crafty bits and bobs the past two days I haven’t had a chance to blog but I’ve managed to squeeze some time in for this post! Last Thursday was Teigeys 8th Birthday! After he came home from school (school on your birthday must SUCK! I never experienced it as it was always easter holidays for my birthday!) he opened his presents quicker than you could say Happy Birthday and he never even noticed my bunting I made for him! He was given his body weight in Lego and also loved the bathbombs but his favourites were clearly the swingset and Shanes gift, Time Crisis 3 with the gun controller attachement! He’s been hooked on it since.After all that excitment was over we made a special batch of rather delicious cupcakes together! I had never made these before so I was hoping to cheesus they would turn out okay and guess what, they were amazeballs! They’re adorably cute too..
Teigey just looks TOO cute for words in his little chef hat and apron.. He was so happy to help make these teacup-cakes and even lick the spoons afterwards.. but wiggled his way out of helping me clean up claiming he made no mess, typical Tig!

Warm Strawberry cupcakes searved in dainty little teacups and saucers. How very posh! :) I must tell you, they were simple scrumptious served straight from the oven. The strawberry conserve at the bottom of the cups rise slightly up through the cake mix just making it the yummiest ever.

Apologies for poor photo quality here, my camera had literally just died after taking this picture so I couldnt check if I had micro enabled or not. By the time I had realised all these lovely cakes had been scoffed! I’m certainly making these again and will put up le recipe as soon as I can! I’m off now to make yet another bang load of cakes for Teigeys birthday party tomorrow, they’re  animal themed this time! Buzzy bee’s, froggies and ladybird cupcakes :) It’s going to be so fun decorating them! XO


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