Sparkles and Castles

Teigeys birthday party last Sunday went more or less as planned. A few minor bummers like missing Teige open his presents from his friends and slicing many parts of my body open with either the meat knife or the scratchy velcro straps on the bouncy castle. I was extremely accident prone that day. I had to wake up reeeeally early to get a head start on icing all those bloody cupcakes I made, which actually turned out fun and it was cute seeing how cute they looked after I was done decorating.

 In between icing the bees and froggies I had a few sneaky goes on the mahousive bouncy castle that we had hired for him, it was awesome! Myself and Teigey had a few giggles over silly jumps and tricks we attempted, my favourite being the ‘Superman’ jump that goes across the castle and through the little window that had a slide on the outside, doing this a few times led to my hip being ripped open on the scratchy velcro. I also suffered many a carpet burn too! All in the name of fun though eh? Isn’t she just ADORABLE in her peppa pig costume? We were actually going to name her Pepper before we choose Ellie Mae.. Kinda wish we did now! Before the kiddies came along I brought out ickle sister and gave her a bounce on the castle. At first she didn’t know what to make of this big blue and red thing I was forcing her to sit on and she did cry a tiny bit, but as soon as I sat with her and bounced lightly along she got her groove on and couldn’t stop! Teige actually kicked up a fuss because he couldn’t bounce as much as he wanted to whilst Ells was on it. Silly boys!
 Not long after this picture was taken all Teige’s friends came running around the corner and bombarded him with hugs and presents. Awe! They had so much fun bouncing around on the castle together, it was really cute seeing all the little ones struggling to climb up into the window for the slide! I think the adults enjoyed as much as the kids did, except we tried other things like flaking into each other as hard as we could and trying to wall run. It was like we were 12 again ha:) XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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