Tip toe.. through the tulips..

Sorry about the title, the song is just STUCK in my head since we watched Insidious last Thursday. It’s about the only creepy part of the film I think, especially if you youtube the live version the guy is so freaky! Anyway, on with the blog post! It’s starting to feel really Halloweeny lately isn’t it? Those blustery winds and crisp leaves I love to squish when I’m walking.. I just love Autumn! It’s everyone’s favourite season really, the run up to Halloween and then inevitably Christmas. But no mention of that just yet, lets enjoy Fall first!

Yesterday after leaving Shane’s I had a few hours to spare before I was to get the bus home so naturally, I went for a really good rummage through all my favourite shops and charity shindigs. I found quite a few lovely things! Some of which I collected during the week as well as yesterday,
Grabbed up these during le week, two of which I had ordered and the others were picked up whilst rummaging, bring me to having collected one hundred dvd’s.. Bit too many you say? Nahh!

I had to get these Halloween printed undies in Penneys, they were just too awesome and fun to pass up. Plus, everyone likes having snazzy undercrackers right? The dark floral print is my newest cutest dress which I picked up for €4! Soo happy its perfect for Autumn.Restocking of le art supplies.. I have so many things to make this week!
These darling pumpkin lantern lights were a steal at €2.50.. I love fairy lights, especially when they’re battery operated! I love getting in the spirit of Halloween so soon, yesterday on my looong and dark bus ride home (through the backs of beyond) I created a new Halloween – Autumn playlist to listen too.. Once I’ve finished with this blog post I’m definitely going for a long walk with my ipod and camera :)

Over the week I really got into making more plushies and started another crochet ipod cozy, for some secret projects that are undergoing! It’s all very exciting and makes me feel all squishy and fuzzy inside knowing whats happening so soon! :) Also, I thought long and hard and finally accepted that it had been far too long since I had properly cut my hair, and instead of doing a shit job of it myself, I let Shane cut it for me! Seeing as he’s a fully trained barber and all.. and It turned out awesome! No more ratty ends or split hairs. Handy having the bestboyfriendintheworld also be your hairdresser too! haha :) ♥ XO



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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