Lost in the woods

Although yesterday was seriously blustery and rainy I was in desperate need of a good walk through the woods. So I made space for collectibles, collected up my camera’s and tripod, coat and umbrella and dragged little brother away from the playstation and headed out towards the forestry. We were lucky to dodge the rain on the way towards the woods and once we were deep inside the rain hurled down for a smidge, luckily again the shelter from all the trees kept the rain out and let us explore the forests floor for conkers, four leafed clovers and strange shaped leaves. Most of the leaves we found was specially selected by little brother, he made sure I took photos of each and every strange shaped leaf or plant he found. Obviously I couldn’t include every one of his pictures as it was hard enough to keep these pictures to a minimum but I have included a few weird ones.As you can imagine by the end of our scurragging we had gathered up a substantial amound of  leaves with both different shapes and colours.. which are now sitting dry and crisp on my desk as we speak! I can imagine Shane just shaking his head reading this thinking ”what are you like!”.
As everyone should know by now, I like to collect a lot of silly things! That gorgeous bag in the picture above was given to me from Katie last month before she left for Budapest. I adooore it. It’s perfect for storing everything inside, including cameras and has so many pockets too! I love it too much, and this way it’s like I can carry abit of Katie with me everywhere :)
I’ve been hunting for deer antlers since the beginning of the Summer, i’m so jell of Alex because he has a massive pair hanging up in his bedroom and although he said I can have them, I want to find my own pair! So although I couldn’t find them (yet again) we got abit silly and I found massive antler sticks instead. Abit of sillyness every day is normal right? :) XO


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