My first Olympia

A few weeks ago Shane’s parents gave me this cute film camera that had never been used before and up until then had spent a couple years sitting inside it’s box. (Thank you Bertie & Eleanor!) I’ve since named it Chuck and yesterday I took it along with us on our adventures in the woods to test a film. Once it’s filled and I’ve sent it off to be developed I’ll be able to tell what kind of pictures it takes, I’m excited because for the last five or so years i’ve been using digital and it seems forever since I used film. I used film alot in college and developed my own photo’s which was so much fun! I’d love to own my own dark room one day.. Until then I’ll just spend my time filling up the film and sending them off to the lovely crowd at Fujifilm! XO


5 thoughts on “My first Olympia

    • Sylviee says:

      Urban outfitters have some really lovely cameras, i was looking at a black and white stripey diana F+ a few months ago I just couldn’t afford it! Have a rummage in charity shops you might come across a gem :) I sure will, I’m dying to take some pretty pictures and get them developed soooon ha! :) xo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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