Chocolate & Nutella chip cookies

Let me start by saying, baking cookies is not my thing. Cupcakes, sure I could make them blindfolded but cookies.. ugh! I’ve tried so many recipes in the past and they’ve all come out a bit blah. Previous bicuits I’ve made have lead to chipped teeth.. and I’ve even made dog biscuits and would the dog eat them? No. So that just about tells you what mine are like! I can’t seem to get them soft and chewy texture that make cookies so yummy, like Subway’s cookies. They’re absolutely scrumptious! So last night whilst nattering to mum about all sorts, I decided to try out a recipe that my dear friendling Katie had, only I’m not used to the american measurements (cups instead of grams-ahh!) and I had to tweak the recipe a little, like using nutella instead of crunchy peanut butter etc.. So I thought this would be a disaster.Although I didn’t have high hopes at all that this would work out I still pushed through, adding what seemed like an entire bag of flour because the mixture was so unbelievably sticky, and finally having 24 miniature lumps of chocolatey cookie mix on my baking tray. I followed the ten minute in the oven rule and although I was a bit worried they wouldn’t set right, the end result couldn’t have been better. I’ve finally mastered the ways of cookie baking, and these look and taste just like those you’d find at Subway! Chuffed is an understatement. Naturally, I enjoyed some with a cuppa and an episode or two of Dexter :) Go make them! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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