Blue skies turning Grey

Why is September such a horrible month? Up until a couple of days ago it was actually a great month, I’ve had some amazing news and opportunties been given to me but like everything, there’s always a low to each high. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that the last few days have been quite horrible for me/my family. I’m trying to stay positive but sometimes it’s just really hard, especially when your constantly on edge in your own home because of a certain nasty person. It’s been stressful but as I said, we’re all trying to stay postive and happy.

Last night before it all kicked off again we were having a happy little evening watching some really amazing and eye opening documentaries and I was crocheting another cute as a button Ipod cozy for some secret projects i’ve been working on lately. Like I said, I’ve been asked to be involved in something so amazing I could hardly believe it when I read the email! So since then I’ve spent every second possible crafting away and getting a good few lovelies made and ready to show off. I want so badly to tell you all about it but I won’t just yet. I don’t want to jinx it before it happens!

Today myself and mumma went for a lovely long walk down to the village and all around the back roads into the more woody areas and finally ended up at a cute little river called Clappers Bridge. It looks so Autumnal lately around where I live, so I snapped a few pictures on my Olympia (chuck hasn’t stuck yet..might need to rename it!) and hopefully I’ll get them developed soon. I hope to cheesus that I rolled the film on right and they actually develop nicely. Last time I sent my films away they came back black because I didn’t roll the film on properly. Gutted! XO


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