Bleary eyed & sun kissed

I managed to grab at least four solid hours sleep after my mammoth blog reading session last night, I felt rested this morning anyway. The sunlight streaking through my curtains woke me at around eight this morning and I sat up to see the sun rise out from the mountains and watch it slowly peek through the tree outside my bedroom window. Sun rise in Spring is far more breathtaking let me tell you. After that I vaguely remember hearing Ellie shouting ”hellooo!” downstairs before I made my way back into bed for another hour.
Nine am. I took my time properly waking up and cut the neck off a tshirt that I found in the men’s reduced section in Primark. I hate things being to close to my neck. After somewhat dressing myself in what you could have mistaken for Summer wear (shorts and a tee, flimsy cardigan and tights) I decided breakfast was needed, a big mug of coffee and a toasted croissant with melted butter.
I don’t know what led me to doing this but I took my patchwork quilt, mug of coffee, both my digital and film camera and a book out to the car that’s sitting in our garage and snuggled down in the back seat with Luna. It was most comfortable. I was in a weird zombie like trance today, where everything seemed like it could be a good picture and so I spent the morning filling my film roll up so I can send it off to be developed as soon as possible.

Afterwards, I raided mum’s wardrobe for anything I could ‘borrow’ (and got caught red handed!) and found quite possibly the loveliest cardigan I’ve ever seen. So I stole it. The only picture I have of it is *up there* on my desk in that photo. Not very clear I know but I had a surge of energy and decided to alter some dresses and make some button earrings instead of taking more pictures.

The Charlotte Flax dress. I gave my dress some sort of peter pan collar, only it’s not anything like a peter pan collar and it’s a real vintage doiley which was particularly massive and I knew mum would absolutely murder me if I cut it so the other half is in fact sewn on the inside of the dress. It’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds. If anything it’s warmer :) Alex found & gave me that little rosary crucifix pendant yesterday. I’m not religious in any way but it is quite beautiful. This picture reminds me of Charlotte Flaxx from the Mermaids film, hence the dress name. Have you seen the film Mermaids? It’s one of my favourites! XO


13 thoughts on “Bleary eyed & sun kissed

    • Sylviee says:

      Thank youuu so much! Curling up is the best, especially in cosy blankies :) Mine is actually my first blanket Ive ever made! I never thought i’d get it finished and be able to curl up with it.. it’s so good I can now! I do plan to write up a patchwork quilt story about it actually I just haven’t gotten around to doing so. Wow a knitted blanket, I only wish I could make one – my knitting skills are quite basic! :) xo

  1. plr says:

    hey there,
    just discovered you on msn. Excellent write-up, I was just thinking around some thing comparable. Might begin writing a blog myself! Many thanks :)

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