I like Octopi

I’ve been running hot and cold all day today. I hope i’m not getting sick.. I wouldn’t be surprised really with the weather we’ve been having lately I’m shocked I haven’t been sick already! This picture initially started off as a doodle whilst I waited for another piece to dry but I got so wrapped up in drawing each suction cup on his tentacles before I realised it I had it finished and wanted to keep it. I should keep all my little doodles really, if they end up anything like this little guy anyway. Octopus actually scare me, I have an irrational fear of things that are larger than what I think they should be, especially man-made things. Things that are needlessly enormous. Like skyscrapers or overly large ships, I know they serve a purpose but I just can’t bear the thought of looking up at one. It makes me feel really small, ill and I feel like i’m swaying, the feeling can last for ages too. The same with giant squids and octopi, from that 20,000 leagues under the sea film? There’s a giant squid that entangles itself into a rather large ship and the image forever haunted me.. I’m going to absolutely shit myself when I see the big blue whale in London’s Natural History Museum later this year!

This one kinda speaks for itself really.. I wanted to scan these pages because it’s a new sketchbook I bought specifically for the Autumn as my big scrapbook is actually getting really full (I only have 20 pages left in it!) so I want to mix it up a bit and make my big scrapbook last a little longer. I’m not even sure if I like this one but it’s stuck in now so I guess it must stay. I’m going to be spacing my other pages out a bit in other posts and slowly uploading them to my Tumblr as well. I’ve so many things to do in such short time! XO



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