Ellie gets arty

Happy 1st of October! This is my FAVOURITE month of the year as I’m sure it’s also the case with lots of others.. I’m going to be doing a September re-cap post because last month was just soo busy but for now, I want to show you something sweet :] Ellie bells created her first painting yesterday! Surprisingly, I had no problems with not getting the brush in her mouth or on her clothes and she even choose her own colours.. blue and green. She caught on to it really well!

She was so proud of herself she even gave me a little high five :]

Afterwards myself and Teige had a little mission of printing her hands and stencilling around bother her feet & hands. It was something she couldn’t bear because the pen was tickling her tootsies! After a good long struggle and many a giggle we had her prints for mum to keep.  She also found it hilarious to balance her work on Teige, as if he was her easel or something ha! XO




3 thoughts on “Ellie gets arty

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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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