Crafty list complete’ees

It’s been a whiiiile since I updated what’s been going on over on the crafty list. I’ve been doing things but just forgetting to update the page with links and stuff. So I thought I’d shove them all into one post saving time and make it look more than what it is, ha!

1. Complete my patchwork quilt.
I know I completed my mini quilt for Ellies 1st birthday but I also had that other, really big one that I wanted to finish. Well last June/July (can’t remember now!) I finally got it finished, with a white cotton border and backing. It’s my pride and joy, it took me TOO long to get around to finishing it. I love curling up with it and a hot coffee. I’m working on a blog post about it’s little story from small ideas to a finished product too, keep your peepers peeled for that one :)
3. Custom design my own shoes.
I have a pair of ludicrously yellow Doc Marten boots that I love so much but can’t bear to wear out of the house as the yellow is seen for miles! So I spray painted a galaxy-style look to them using black and purple spray paint. I love them even more! I must find a way to stop the paint cracking when I walk and then I will be the happiest of bunnies. The flash made the dm’s brighter than what it actually is.

8. Make printed stamps from scratch.
I made a bunch of foam stamps using an old Yoga mat, cardboard and some wood glue. It was fun even if it was a teenie bit childish. I made the alphabet, some quotes and shapes, some moustache’s and mini camera stamps. Post link heerrre!

9. Make my own light fixture.
Okay I didn’t actually make it all by myself but that’s because it was a joint effort between myself and Shane.. and I had pictures but they’re at home >_< Basically Shane wanted/needed a new light fixture and I wanted to make it but didn’t need one for myself, so it was a win-win thing! We made it a few weeks ago and it was looking rather awesome in fairness. Only it went all pear-shaped a few days into drying and refused to stay stiff. We had to give up on the idea. It was so fun getting all squelshy with the glue!

15. Make a plush toy for Ellie.
It’s finished, I finally got around to making the legs of the deer after weeks of searching for the right coloured felt, mustard yellow. I went on to make a bunch of Whales and Narwhals and baby deer after that!

Well, that’s everything updated! Now I’ve seen just how much I have done I really could have made some separate posts about it.. whoops! I’m also thinking of changing some of my craft tasks and some that I wanted to do before don’t really apply to what I want now. Keep an eye out for some changes over on that page :] Have you got a running list of crafty things to do? XO


11 thoughts on “Crafty list complete’ees

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