Chunky Knits

When my friend Maria went over to Birmingham a few days ago I asked her would she bring me back some autumn style wool.. I never realised she’d hit the nail so well on the head when she produced this ball of colourful wonder! I’m just that little bit too choosey when it comes to buying wool, so I prefer to have other people choose my colours as it’s faster (i’d be there all day debating which shade of blue to buy..) Multi-coloured balls of wool like these tend to freak me out, but since i’ve been working away on it it’s unraveled into beautiful chunks of colour that really compliment each other. It’s definitely made me re-think multicoloured wools!

(Do please excuse my spray painted arms and cracked nail polish. I’m a grubby git aren’t I!) ha! It just gets prettier the more I crochet, and I love its design so much I’ve changed my idea from making it into an ipod cosy to making a  pair of loose chunkily knitted handmade socks! I’m so very in love with Kim’s socks she sells only I could never afford them! So i’m going to wag it and try make myself some from scratch, using only guess work as I have no pattern & I can’t follow crochet patterns! Wish me luck aha.. I hope to have them finished before Christmas so I can enjoy them leading up to it for the cozy nights in. XO


3 thoughts on “Chunky Knits

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  3. Spinetti says:

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