The Nightmare Realm

Last night myself and Shane went to the much anticipated ‘Nightmare Realm’ scare house in the City. The location was pretty creepy, it seemed to be an abandoned building and inside it was quite hospital-esque with natural aging that comes with old buildings like real cracks down the walls and damp rising up through it. We seemed to have gotten in the queue just at the right time (abouts 7.50pm) because when we came out from the house the queue was stretching outside the building and down the road! After the queue you were asked in groups or twos to go up to the top of some stairs where the whole thing starts, there was a group of girls in the queue ahead of us who literally came running and screaming down the stairs before they had even gone in they were so terrified by what was ahead of them! (and which we obviously found hilarious!)

We probably would have found it a little scarier but Shane did spot a few of the actors hiding to jump out on us before hand and we were after a few drinks so I was one of those giggly moods anyway, a few actors did frighten me as they crept up on me though, mostly the girls in makeup singing ”i’m not infected” in a really creepy tones rather than the lads with those plastic masks on. They’re so quick they way one minute they’re behind you and then the next there gone! That was the weirdest for me the way they could just disappear so quickly and pop up in a different spot then! One of my favourite parts was us walking down these creepy corridors (Its just like the ‘No Mercy’ hospital level on Left For Dead 1!) that were filling with thick smoke and sounds blaring trying to be a creepy as possible.. then Shane and I just start singing ”Tiptoe Through The Tulips” really loud, ha! (that creepy song from Insidious) We also walked through a door we shouldn’t have into a spare bathroom where one of the creepy actors was having a sneaky smoke sitting up on the sink, she looked so shocked & confused to see us it was hilarious! It made the rest of our time in there even funnier.. Another girl with white out eyes who looked a little like the exorcist cornered me and starting playing with my hair asking if it was real and if I could stay and play with her… Freaky! :]

If you do go into the Nightmare Realm I would suggest to take your time going around all the rooms and corridors as we were out of there in 15 minutes and it seemed like so much less! It was such a laugh though, i’d definitely go in again! And how awesome would it be to work there! I’d be the happiest bean in the bunch. Going there last night really got me in the Halloween spirit, I can’t wait for the Zombie March now! After the scare house we went back to The Brog for more drinks then shared large chips from Mcy D’s on the way back to the train station. Perfect night! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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