The blackberry express

Up here on Silent hill it doesn’t get much creepier than this really.. Only this fog was lifting long before I took this picture so it could have looked creepier had I taken it earlier.. Myself and Tiglet went for a walk to ”collect bugs” as he wanted too but we ended up collecting blackberries.
It’s CHILLY up here to say the least. And incredibly windy. Its such a strugle to get Teige to wear layers, here he wears shorts and a V neck vest with vans. I had to bribe him to wear a hoodie which he surprisingly kept on. He claims to ‘never’ feel cold, even in Winter when its snowing and icy he’d run around in shorts and a tshirt whilst his friends stay huddled in the corner! He’s nuts.
The bug pot quickly filled with blackberries so fast that we had to return home and get a zip lock bag to continue the collection. Along the way home we stopped and saw many fuzzy little creatures and some beautiful colourful plants that looked slightly sunburnt.

Its so pretty how everything starts to decay and go strange but beautiful colours this time of year. We collected as many berries as we could possibly find and with the help of mum I hope to make blackberry jam with it some time this week. :] XO


6 thoughts on “The blackberry express

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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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