Today’s little walk ended us up in the local gallery down the road, Shane noticed the school of fishes (they looked like clouds to me!) hanging down from the main entrance and we were instantly intrigued. Once inside there was so many more displayed than we realised! I got a little snappy happy at all the pretty handmade fish. Some were really pretty and some where just plain crazy.
This one was my favourite flat fish (some where mounted on the walls whilst the rest hung from the ceiling) The exhibition is officially open tomorrow evening so I don’t have the leaflet telling us what the fishes are all in aid for, but they are going to auction after the exhibition. Below, pretty ‘tatted’ and mini crochet fishes. SO lovely!
 We did have plans to go skating, this being Shane skating with his friends and my getting happy snappy again taking pictures of the lads doing there tricks.. Buuut as we walked closer along the waters edge to where they skate it decided to get seriously foggy and misty with light-ish rain. Rough for Shane but the Harbor looked amazing with the creepy fog and murky water!
 I particularly like this last picture.. Anyway, it’s FRIDAY tomorrow! I’m doubly excited because something new happens for me that I’m just SO happy about! I’m obviously going to tell you all… Tomorrow! :] XO





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