Things are looking up

YAY it’s Friday! I don’t think I’ve been so excited for Friday to come since I was in school! This week has been really crazy. Monday was spend doing all things internetty that weren’t the fun kind. Searching for college courses, sending emails for job applications, plaguing people for auditions and consuming many cups of coffee in the process. Seriously, it felt like it was all I did last Monday. It was a drag.

So on Tuesday morning I did not expect anything to come out of my searchings, checking my emails around lunchtime I read that I had an interview for a job THAT NIGHT! This particular job was in Cork city, I live roughly an hour and a bit away (longer by bus!) so we had to pull a few strings and ask a few favours to get myself into macroom and onto the city bus! I managed it thanks to dad getting me a lift and Shane letting me stay at short notice. That evening then I went for my interview and they gave me the job! The best part about it is it’s not a regular job. I’ll be working in The Nightmare Realm, terrorising visitors with my ghastly make up and freaky costume. I CANT WAIT! This is pretty much my perfect suited job. I start tonight! Looks like my sick little obsession in all that fake blood and gore worked out for me :] xo



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