In the wars

This morning I was up way too early at what felt like the crack of dawn (8am sucks) to go on a little trek back home with Shane to check in and say hello to Mumma dearest and see little Elliebean. Teigey was at school so I couldn’t give him a hug but I know when he finds out Shane was with me today he’ll be in one hell of a grump for not seeing him! We had to pop round home because I was in desperate need of fresh clothes & cozy booties as I didn’t think ahead and pack enough last week to last me for the rest of October. This was all possible thanks to Shane’s mum who drove me there and back (1.5hrs each way!) just for these things. THANK YOUU ELEANOR :)

Monday nights are my days off, as the Realm can’t stay open every day. It’s so good knowing my throat gets some rest from all the screaming and roaring I have to do, and my muscles can take a break till tomorrow night. It’s well needed. Some essential things I need on a daily basis working at the realm are these three, without them I would be screwed!

One of my many injuries obtained from working at the Nightmare Realm. I got this on my first night from whacking into the cookers overhead light (I was lying across the hob and leant up too fast- IT WAS DARK!) It really hurt and the bruise has only got uglier. It’s something I need to get used too.. This isn’t the only one either, on both my legs I have accumulated 22 inch wide bruises as well as one the size of my fist. (Imagine cow patch but as bruises.. Yeah, ow) & it’s all thanks to a chicken shit girl who kicked me cause I was doing my job ‘too well’. Thanks for that, bitch! …I won’t even start to tell you about my cuts! *notice bandage on wrist* :O

Whilst at home I also made notes to collect some things to keep me busy as I had stupidly forgotten my notebook (LOST without it!) including my Autumn sketchbook, water colour pencils– I love working with these!, my crochet sock project and some yarn to make some more ipod cozies whilst I’m here. I. Must. Stay. Creative! Happy Monday :) XO



5 thoughts on “In the wars

  1. Sabrina says:

    Well, I’d love to do the same job as you do cause I’m totally into all horror stuff, but actually I get scared to easily and would probably be more afraid then the people passing me. But your injuries look bad. Is it honestly normal to get such bruises when working there? :D

  2. Sylviee says:

    Haha I have been scared sometimes by some passers by who stay really quiet. You just dont notice they are there till they bump into you! Its pretty normal to get injured yeah cause the rooms we work in a really dark with only a few small red lights so visibility is poor, but your eyes soon adjust to it! Others have broken there toes or been punched from visitors getting too freaked out. It can be dangerous sometimes but its the visitors causing the danger not us!

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