November rain

Sorry about the super-cheesy title, I always get stuck for good ones! It’s been a few days since I last posted too, whoops! I haven’t been purposely neglecting my blog I promise, it’s always  life getting in the way making things really busy. Hence why I was such a poor blogger last month!

How was everyone’s Halloween weekend? Good fun I hope! Shane & I spent Halloween eating our weight in sweets and playing Portal before I had work, which was also our last night at the realm! *tear*

It was such a fun night as most nights usually are but it was also sad knowing we weren’t going to be there again for another year. Its only typical myself and Corey thought up some new things to frighten the crowd on the last night too, it worked though and even impressed Karl enough to film some of it for next years promotion video, eek! We’re so excited to see it when it’s finished! After the realm everyone more or less went to the Freakscene Halloween Ball but bed was calling me long before work had even ended. You wouldn’t think it but running around screaming your lungs out & crawling into strange shapes really does tire you out after a good few solid hours of doing so! I was too tired to even take off the make up I just got in the car still caked in zombie make up. I’m surprised I managed to get the blood and blue paint out of my hair too.. :O

Literally the very next day I had to leave Shane’s with three bags worth of clothes & other junk I needed during my month’s stay there, including three pairs of boots & too many damned wooly jumpers  for my own good(!) and lug them all to Cork for a bus to town & then eventually, home. So last Tuesday all I did when I got home was sleep, all day. It was glorious.

 So being home has been nice, although the weather has sucked big time. Ellie’s got bigger and her hair has grown even longer & I’m pretty sure my room has been raided by kid brother whilst I was away. I have other things to ramble about but I’m going to stop now whilst this post is already too long, more updates tomorrow! Muchos loveos blogosphere XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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