hodge podge

Since the weather has been a bit psychotic as of late, I’ve been spending my afternoons inside in the warmth furiously crocheting away making more ipod & iphone cozies as well as continuing on some machine emroidery projects which didn’t actually turn out how I wanted it too, so it’s gone to the reject pile of projects I will never finish because I hate them. It’s a shame really, it was turning out to look like quite a pretty swallow, till I ruined it. I’ll post pics as soon as.

Happy Guyfawkes night for everyone who celebrates it! Thankfully people in the republic of Ireland don’t (which I can’t understand why as Guyfawkes tried to blow up British parliament which is something I thought the Irish would approve of?.. eh!) But at least this means less bonfires and dangers from fireworks and most importantly, another safe night for all the little animals who each year get hurt or killed because of this event. Don’t give me that look, animals deserve some peace too! Fireworks are frightening to animals so keep your catlings, guineas and dogs inside tonight! Also make sure your pets have collars with contact details on them incase they get lost this weekend. If you are having a bonfire please please please check it thoroughly for any hedgehogs or any other little critters hiding amongst it & place them safely somewhere far from the fire pit. You will be rewarded for it in heaven. (I’m assuming there is a heaven..) Have a good & safe niiiight XO


7 thoughts on “hodge podge

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