The perfect day

Last Friday couldn’t have been a better day. It being our 2nd (eep!) on possibly the best date in forever meant a whole day full to the brim of toadal happiness and all that lovey dovey mushy stuff that usually entails when couples are together :]

We first checked into our hotel to drop our heavy bags which I was thrilled to do, my bag was excessively packed the night before and therefore really heavy on my shoulders, I suppose it didn’t help that I couldn’t decide what dress to wear for our dinner date so I literally brought all of them..! After everything was sorted we ventured out into the city to grab our movie tickets early and reserve a dinner table.. Aren’t we so organised! ^^

Once we had everything for our night out sorted we did a little rummaging in some of my favourite charity shops around the city. I couldn’t take my eyes off this window display of all the taxidermy animals, massive Witchy style books and old guns in one shop, best window display everrr I think! (I know it’s kind of weird to like Taxidermy & be a vegetarian but I do so what can I say!) Sadly they didn’t have any little mice or I would have literally begged the women in the shop for an early sale! I also found a rather pretty dress that wasn’t too dressy-uppy (so I can wear it on those cozy lazy but still wanna look pretty days too) in the same shop so this was a bonus find! I plan to return before I go home on Friday for an extra good rummage..

Look at the old tape measures! THE SIZE OF THEM. I couldn’t imagine carrying around that, I would definitely have to rethink my travel mini sewing kit I have if I had one! After rummaging we went for a nice little bite to eat at…you guessed it, Subway! It’s always a good quick fix. Plus I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the yumminess as I get the Veggy Patty in with my roll. It always reminds me of spongebob or Doug when I ask for the Patty.. Anyway! Afterwards we wandered the streets going in and out of shops and bought our supply of alcohol for the night ahead (and in the process witnessed a very old man chugging down vodka like water with eyes redder than the devils..) moving on!

I literally gawked at the Brown Thomas christmas window display like a right nerd for ages. Each window is different and more eye catching and sparklier than the last, I was like a kid in a glittery sweet shop. AND THERE WERE FAIRIES! Mannequins of course but still, just as beautiful. I took a zillion photo’s but a lot were ruined from the reflection so these are the only survivors.

BT always has the best displays, shame I couldn’t possibly afford anything actually for sale in the shop but for now I will continue to admire they’re window displays until I either win the lottery or Shane runs into a lot of money and wishes to spoil me. I’m joking on the latter obv, I don’t even know would BT have something I would find lovely. My idea of lovely is usually found in the old mens section of the good will stores..

When I was done obsessing over all the glitter and cute owls we headed back to the hotel to get ourselves all dressy-uppy for our evening of dinner and the movies. We dined at Scoozi’s and let me tell you, their vegetarian options are DIVINE. I was really worried about finding a good place for the both of us to eat happily with lots of variety for both of us because being a picky vegetarian can suck sometimes!

Luckilly, Scoozi’s was perfect. I had  salad for appetizers and a beautiful pasta dish for the main course which both were delicious and so full of flavour! We also shared a Mars bar cheesecake which was heaven, seriously couldn’t move afterwards and was so happy knowing we had an hour till our movie was on so we could properly recover back in the hotel and let our food babies go down! We even watched a bit of Eastenders ha! I swapped my heels for comfy boots when we got back too which was such a good idea. I’m sure I saved myself a few blisters doing that! We saw The Rum Diary and actually got a good few giggles off it, it wasn’t as funny as the trailer lets on to be but it wasn’t actually our first choice of film. We intended to see Contagion but it was gone ooges ago so Rum Diary slid in second place. It did drag on a little and finished rather abruptly but it was good! Johnny got to do the whole ”why is the Rum gone” act again which suits him so well. (I’m sure he’s stuck in Capt. Jack Sparrow mode.. Damn method actors)

It was quite possibly the loveliest night I’ve ever had with Shane. It’s one I won’t ever forget I know that for a fact! Perfect night with the perfect boy.. Awee :) And also, our bed was the COMFIEST bed I’ve ever slept in, seriously wanted to ask the receptionist where they buy they’re beds, aha! ^^ ♥ XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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